2015 Quick Reads Titles


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16 March saw the launch of the 2015 Quick Reads campaign by the Welsh Books Council and supported by the Welsh Government.

The Quick Read books are just that, quick reads to get you back into the swing of reading.

Only 80 pages long we’ve got books to suit all tastes from romance, sport, biographies, history, murder mysteries – each book just £1!

What’s more – do you know that research now shows that just 30 minutes reading per week can have a dramatic impact on your life, helping with feelings of depressions as well as aiding good self-esteem. Reading can also lead to a better night’s sleep leaving you with a greater ability to face the coming day.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a Quick Read and get reading!

There are four English-language books available in the series (Accent Press) and four Welsh-language books (Y Lolfa).

According to Angharad Tomos from the Welsh Books Council, “Reading is proven to be a highly beneficial activity. Reading makes you feel better – as little as 30 minutes a week can have a big impact. Pick up a Quick Read title and you’ll discover short but entertaining books perfect to get you back into the swing of reading. And for only £1 per book they’re a bargain to boot.”

Let’s take a peek at the 2015 Quick Read titles…

English Titles

Captain Courage

By Gareth Thomas

One of Wales’ greatest rugby players was known for his fearless attitude. The first international rugby player to come out as gay, in Captain Courage, Thomas, using his own experience, gives practical tips on how to overcome personal fears.

Cwtch Me If You Can

By Beth Reekles

Alex considers herself a romantic but when her boyfriend breaks up with her, heartbroken and angry, she swears off all guys. Easier said than done- especially when a handsome stranger comes to her aid?

My Sporting Heroes

By Jason Mohammad

Having covered some of the world’s biggest sporting events, Jason Mohammad turns his attention to his Welsh sporting heroes including Mark Hughes, Tanni Grey-Thompson and Sam Warburton.

Code Black

By Tom Anderson

Winter 2013-14 and six enormous storms slam into the UK. While nationwide chaos ensues one group of maverick Welsh surfers decide to brave the storms and take to the sea head-on.

Welsh Titles

Bryn y Crogwr

By Bethan Gwanas

A thrilling horror by the popular author about a tree surgeon who has some strange experience while treating an old oak tree whose history dates back to the Owain Glyndwr revolt. What is the tree trying to tell him?

Ar dy Feic

By Phil Stead

A general introduction to cycling accompanied by the cycling experiences of author Phil Stead around Wales and France and how cycling has helped him to overcome personal difficulties.

O’r Linell Biced i San Steffan

Sian James & Alun Gibbard

The fascinating journey of Sian James who played a key role in the 1980’s miners’ strike, as seen in the recent film Pride, winner of the BAFTA’s Best British Film. We follow Sian from the picket line to her election as MP for Swansea at the 2005 general election.

Cymru a’r Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf

By Gwyn Williams and Gareth William Jones

A concise history of the Welsh during the First World War. There are vivid descriptions of battles like the Somme and life on the home front, far from the fighting but still greatly affected by the war.

Grab a Quick Reads book at bookshop and libraries across Wales for just £1.

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