Rugby Zombies Resource

The Rugby Zombies are known by their readers as funny, scary, fast moving adventures set in
a half-real Welsh town, half way between the living and the undead in the half-light of autumn.

The books were written for fun, for young readers to enjoy. In other words – the last thing a session on the Rugby Zombies books should be is hard work.

Dan Anthony’s workshops for schools, based on life in Aberscary, are a great way to switch
young readers onto reading. For many 8, 9 and 10 year olds, The Rugby Zombies is the first
book they read from cover to cover. The stories are also a brilliant way to inspire young writers
to get working on their own ideas.

This resource complements the books. It’s not necessary for students to have read all three
Rugby Zombie tales – but they will need to know something about them. The objective of
this resource is to encourage reading for pleasure and writing – so, where pupils need to find
things out, the place to look is in the books.

In this resource we’ll look at some of the main elements of story writing (according to Dan).
Readers will have a chance to express their own opinions about the Rugby Zombie stories.
And everyone will have an opportunity to begin their own story.